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Innovation is a key driver for Sime and has played a major role in its development and growth as a manufacturer of heating and hot water systems for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Sime’s team of design and development engineers are constantly developing and testing existing and new technologies to ensure that it is meeting the needs and requirements of its customers around the world. Sime works closely with a number of partner companies and the University of Padova in Italy in developing heating and hot water solutions.

The activities of the design and development division at Sime focus on both short and medium term projects which can either be incorporated into current production requirements or are further developed to deliver future technology product platforms.

As part of our commitment to innovation and a sustainable future SIME has a range of solar thermal products available. Solar thermal is one of the easiest renewable energy sources to combine with traditional heating systems. For total flexibility and choice, Sime’s ‘Solar Equipe’ or ‘Easy Solar’ packages are complete solutions capable of integrating with multizone applications and designed and developed to collect as much energy as possible.

The innovation of our Murelle HE range incorporates a new exchanger that achieves a modulation range from 1:5 and 1:4. Furthermore Murelle HE pays particular attention to environmental protection with the adoption of a pre-mix system, in which air and gases are mixed in a special collector.

Looking forward as part of Sime’s ongoing research and development process, we know there will be many equally exciting products in the future.

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