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Ventilation Accessories

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Ventilation Accessory Products

Dual Hood

86 t Ventilation Accessories

  • Requires only one 6” opening for intake/exhaust
  • Robust design, with damage-resistant metal construction for exterior wall connection
  • Durable rigid plastic for duct connections
  • Fire-rated , UV resistant materials
Breakthrough design. Ideal for space constrained HRV or ERV applications

Weatherhood Kits

51 t Ventilation Accessories

Ideal for HRV/ERV and In-Line applications

  • High density polyethylene for a durable, long life even in severe climate.
  • Includes screens to protect against the entry of small animals and large insects.
  • No moving parts, eliminates freezing or sticking potential.
Two 5″ diameter hoods, 12″ wall sleeve, duct collar, white plastic
Two 6″ diameter hoods
Two 7″ diameter hoods
Two 6″ diameter hoods without sleeve or collar

Lifebreath Flow-Thru Humidifier

59 t Ventilation Accessories

  • Suits any forced warm air heating system.
  • Unique electronically pulsed; reduces water consumption by up to 80%.
  • Left/right side flexible duct installation; mounts on supply return duct.
  • Electronic controller pulses solenoid water supply valve for 4 seconds ON and 30 seconds OFF, allowing the evaporator pad to be fully saturated while drastically limiting water wasted through the drain.

Bathroom Exhaust System

57 t Ventilation Accessories

  • Exhausts multiple areas quietly and economically, while providing heat recovery thru the CAF.
  • Includes: BES Control box, 4/5/6 Combi Fan, Fan speed selection.
  • Perfect way to ventilate specific locations with a Clean Air Furnace.
Perfect way to ventilate specific locations with a Clean Air Furnace

In-Line Duct Heater

54 t Ventilation Accessories

Use where desirable to heat the air being delivered from the HRV to the occupied space.  Allows HRV to recover maximum amount of heat; duct heater then modulates the output required to reheat the air to the desired temperature.

  • Equipped with a highly advanced Electronics Modulating Controller (SCR) and Air Flow Sensor to minimize operating cost.
  • 120V, 1 phase.
  • Automatic reset prevents overheating
  • Manual reset
  • Coil elements made of nickel-chrome resistance wire
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel enclosure
  • Air flow sensor
  • Built-in electronic temperature controller and sensor
  • Round collars simplify installation and reduce labour time


Note: This type of system is generally only used when the HRV has a fully dedicated duct system.

7″ diameter, 1KW, 120V/1phase
7″ diameter, 2KW, 120V/1phase
6″ diameter, 1KW, 120V/1phase
6″ diameter, 2KW, 120V/1phase
Special Orders. Call for info.

Scrubber Air Treatment System

55 t Ventilation Accessories

  • Combats wood smoke, outside odors, dust, pollen and airborne pollutants from entering your home.
  • Pre-filter mesh polyester fiber traps larger particles entering the Scrubber.
  • Media Filter is a large (50mm/2inch) pleated filter.
  • Activated carbon filters function as a purifying absorption nets, trapping odors and impurities.
  • Installed after HRV/ERV, in supply air stream.
  • Includes: 1 pre-filter, 1 pleated filter, and 5 carbon filters.


6″ ports; includes one filter pack.
7″ ports; includes one filter pack
Filter Replacement Pack

Freshvent™ – Air to Air Exchanger
  • Ventilates during low speed or high speed operation.
  • 2 Speed Motor.
  • Washable foam filter.
35 CFM Ventilation
70 CFM Ventilation
80 CFM Ventilation

Summer Core

56 t Ventilation Accessories

  • Designed to take advantage of free outdoor cooling for use in climates with cooler summer night air.
  • Unique design allows air to pass through the core, without transferring heat.
  • Slides in place of the existing heat exchange core.