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Zee Section

Zee SECTIONS or Z’s provide multiple surfaces for mounting, support and fastening. They are often used as trims, edgings, frames and structural components.
Z 101%2016%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20steel%20drawer%20side Zee Section Z-101
1.5″ x 2.2″, Z-101 16 gauge roll formed steel drawer side
Z 102%2016%20to%2014%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20hot%20rolled%20steel%20shutter%20blade Zee Section Z-102
0.5″ x 3″, Z-102 16 to 14 gauge roll formed hot rolled steel shutter blade
Z 103%2011%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20hot%20rolled%20trailer%20side Zee Section Z-103
2.5″ x 6.2″, Z-103 11 gauge roll formed hot rolled trailer side
Z 104%2012%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20steel%20conveyor%20guide Zee Section Z-104
2″ x 2″, Z-104 12 gauge roll formed steel conveyor guide
Z 105%2012%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20steel%20conveyor%20guide Zee Section Z-105
2″ x 3″, Z-105 12 gauge roll formed steel conveyor guide
Z 107%2016%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20painted%20marina%20purlin Zee Section Z-107
5″ x 8″, Z-107 16 gauge roll formed painted marina purlin
Z 108%2012%20gauge%20roll%20formed%20steel%20conveyor%20guide Zee Section Z-108
1″ x 1.5″, Z-108 12 gauge roll formed steel conveyor guide