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Heating & Air Handling

Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace

The Clean Air Furnace is an integrated air handling system that combines a hydronic air handler and heat recovery ventilator in one, providing warmth and exceptional health benefits for everyone in your home.

How it works?

The Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace uses hot water (from a domestic water heater or boiler) as its heat source, to warm the air before distributing it.  Water is pumped from your home water heater or boiler to the furnace heating coil.  A fan with a PSC or ECM high-efficiency motor blows the fresh air from the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) into the heating coil where the circulating water warms the air. Water leaves the heater, travels through the hot water circulation pump, and returns to the water heater or boiler. As the water travels through the furnace’s heating coil, air is warmed and sent throughout the house.  This efficient system provides a steady stream of uniform, temperate air that is more comfortable than conventionally heated air.

Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace Features

Efficiency brings Economy

The Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace is designed to minimize fuel consumption, thereby lowering the cost of heating your home. In conjunction with a high efficiency water heater or boiler, the Clean Air Furnace achieves a 90% Combined annual efficiency rating making it among the most efficient systems available.

Safer than Ever

By eliminating the need for gas or oil flames, fumes or flue gases, safety is never an issue. An appropriately sized domestic water heater or boiler is the sole heat source for the Clean Air Furnace.

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Long-term Reliability

The relative simplicity of the water heater/air handler concept results in efficient operation and a long life. A premium quality circulator pump, high-capacity heating coil and single 4-speed fan motor for all air handling functions make for a quiet, reliable and easily serviced installation. Lifebreath stands behind its furnace with a lifetime warranty on the heat recovery core and a five-year replacement parts warranty on all other components.

Easy Maintenance

The Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace is designed as a low maintenance, easily serviced system. Routine maintenance can be performed simply and quickly. The pleated furnace filter should be checked regularly and replaced as needed. The HRV core should be washed twice a year.

Environmental Control

With the Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace, you have complete, year-round climate control at your fingertips.  All functions – heating, cooling, and ventilation – can be controlled from your thermostat.

Many configurations are available.  See the CAF Chart for more details.

Lifebreath Air Handler

With a Lifebreath Hydronic Air Handler, you will enjoy clean efficient heating in your home. But, what’s different about a Lifebreath Air Handler is the way it delivers that warmth.   You will notice that the heated air in your home feels more comfortable than air heated by a conventional furnace. One reason for this is that Lifebreath’s hydronically heated air is uniform and temperate, eliminating short blasts of hot air, along with hot and cold temperature spikes.  In this regard, the air flowing from your hot air vents will not feel as hot to the touch as air from a conventional furnace.

With a high efficiency, natural gas, propane or oil hot water heater/boiler, you will always have plenty of hot water for showers and baths, washing dishes and clothes, and all other normal domestic hot water needs.

Once your Lifebreath Hydronic Air Handler is installed, safety will never be an issue. No flames, fumes or flue gases to be concerned about. Your appropriately sized domestic hot water heater/boiler now provides the heat source for your furnace.

Lifebreath Air Handler Features

  • High efficiency, optional ECM motor – provides maximum energy efficiency and resulting utility savings
  • Add-on cooling capacity – 2 to 4 tons
  • Heating output 25,000 to 110,000 BTUH
  • 3 speed direct drive blower motor.
  • Aircom electronics with additional relays for interlocking external devices (boiler, humidifier, etc.)
  • Upflow or downflow configurations available
  • Includes circulation pump