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A versatile and complete system

With its wide assortment of components, the Top Way manifold is defi­nitely the ultimate answer to any modern plumber’s requirements. It provides a comprehensive array of system options: from the most basic to the most advanced equipment. Thanks to the Top Way, every instal­ler has the opportunity to supply a complete range, thus enhancing the value of the wholesystem. Importantly, the distribution system may be modified or completed at any time without any difficulties whatsoever. Thus, even basic buildings can be fitted with a system at the forefront of technical excellence. In addition to all the standard components, the Top Way manifold offers an extensive range of accessories, ranging from drain taps to air valves and from electro-thermic heads to flow­meters, available with 24 x 19 thread or euroconus. Now, even small dwellings can be fitted with a truly advanced system.

Quality and reliability

High quality standard materials, sturdy components and a durable finish make the Emmeti system both reliable and functional. The longevity of the system is increased and the need for ongoing mainte­nance is decreased.
Emmeti places great importance on quality throughout the fully auto­mated manufacturing process, thus, keeping the manufacturing and fluid dynamic characteristics of a whole production batch, constant. All the components are subject to stringent controls. Additional final acceptance tests are performed on the hydraulic bench to assess per­formance in critical operating conditions. Pre-assembled manifolds are 100% tested before packaging.

Customised comfort

Thanks to the Top Way system, each room in a domestic house can be provided with a low-cost, highly efficient temperature regulation system, by simply fitting thermoelectric heads for valve aperture control. Emmeti can provide you with all the elementsof this simple and low-cost system. This simple system involving wall thermostats, a wiring box and electrothermic heads. Can be applied to wall hung radiator systems as well as underfloor heating systems.

All Top Way manifold distribution heads are nickel plated. Brass header retrieved through a bar drawing.process EN 12168 CW614N. Seals in EPDM.

Long term savings

Independent and tailor-made temperature monitoring in each room, without waste, offers energy saving benefits throughout the life of the system. In other words heating the right place at the right time. Emmeti brings unparalleled financial benefits to your household.

Fast, easy and safe installation

Emmeti provides the installer with a system of interchangeable com­ponents, ensuring quick, easy, safe installation. The Top Way system has been engineered for ease of installation and time savings for the installer, who can also pre-assemble complex systems reducing incon­venience to the customer.

Technical data

max operating temperature 230 °F – (110 °C)
max working pressure 145 PSI – (10 bar)
inlets G 3/4″- G 1″- G 1″1/4
outlets M 24 x 19

Note: 24 x 19 thread 0,94″ – ( 24 mm) gas thread and 19 screw threads per inch.

It is advisable to fit a differential by pass valve to avoid hydraulic imbalances which can occur if one or more zones are excluded.
Check the current flow across the thermostat contacts in relation to the starting current absorbed by the thermo-electric valve-heads. In the event of overload, use a relay.
Thermo-electric valve-heads with auxiliary microswitches can be used for switching off the pump when the valves are closed (if the current absorption of the pump exceeds the current flow across the contacts, use an intermediate relay).

Integrated heating control system

Emmeti can offer you the necessary elements to create a heating controls package. In addition to the Topway manifold and Sintesi pro­grammable room thermostat, we now offer a wiring centre for use with electrothermic heads and room thermostats.
Wiring box for electro-thermic heads and Sintesi 4 programmable room thermostat.