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10 years warranty


The Arcobaleno solar panels can be used in closed circuit hot water production systems for sanitary use, for heating swimming pools, as well as for pre-heating or completion of room heating, for example in the case of the use of radiating panels. The fields of use in construction,
both public and private, run the range from wellings to common areas, from the tourism/lodging sector to manufacturing activities. For temperatures below 32°F, as a heat-carrying fluid in the solar panels a water-antifreeze solution must be used with a concentration that is suitable to prevent damage from freezing. The solar collectors must be firmly attached and installed incompliance with current standards.
Optimal inclination varies depending on use. The orientation of the collectors must be towards the equator (southeast since the afternoon hours are the warmest).

Arcobaleno construction type SX

1 Solar Capturing surface: single copper plate, thickness 0.20 mm (0.01′) highly selective (TiNOX) pleated with ultra-sound welding
2 Solar Pipes: 10 copper pipes, Ø 8 mm (0.3′), thickness 0.6 mm (0.02″)
3 Solar Fittings: one side 1′ M and other side 1′ F with revolving ball
4 Solar Insulation: rock wool in semi-rigid panel, high density (50 kg/m3) thickness 50 mm (2′)
5 Solar Frame: extruded profile in anodized aluminium, height 90 mm
(3.5 ‘)and thickness 1.4 mm, (0.05′) dark brown, with 4 fastening
inserts and 2 holes; corner joints with self-locking brackets
6 Solar Covering: “low ironed” tempered glass, prismatic, thickness 4 mm (0.15′)
7 Solar Bottom: embossed corrosion-resistant aluminium sheet metal, thickness 0.5 mm (0.02′)clipped and not riveted
8 Solar Gasket: double gasket in EPDM rubber
9 Solar Manifold: copper pipe Ø 22 mm (3/4′)