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With today’s increasing concern for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency, mechanical ventilation is an integral component of the HVAC system.  Airia Brands is proud to offer a wide range of commercial products, allowing designers to address the special needs of new and retrofit buildings.

The Lifebreath Commercial HRV line meets airflow requirements, ranging from 440 to more than 2600 cfm.  See Commercial HRV chart.700DD DSC03400s Commercial

The Lifebreath Commercial ERV line meets airflow requirements, ranging from 300 to 1200 airflow cfm.  See Commercial ERV chart.

Whether in a school or office, factory or hall, our HRV and ERV product lines have balanced the desire to conserve energy while providing the healthiest environment.  These proven units are installed in thousands of locations throughout North America, providing fresh air, with or without a ducted forced air system.

All of our HRV/ERVs feature the superior performance of the patented aluminum heat recovery core. Used as a module, these cores allow for a variety of models and efficiencies. Quiet and efficient, our commercial HRV/ERVs offer you all the features required, to make your building project a success!