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Date:February 18, 2012

Dewy HE FS

Dewy%20HE%20FS Dewy HE FS

Dewy HE is the Sime’s pre-mix condensing range of boilers.
Its technological characteristics allow to obtain very high efficiency, while respecting the environment and reducing the polluting emissions.
Combustion in a conventional boiler exploits only a portion of the energy contained in the fuel by transforming it into heat; the rest of the energy is lost through the flue.
The technology adopted onto the condensing boilers recovers a large percentage of this wasted energy, achieving more efficient use of the whole energy offered by the fuel.
Dewy HE is available in a version with D.H.W. storage tank of 130 litres to satisfy the most exacting requirements for hot water and the control for various heating zones.