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Date:February 18, 2012

Murelle EV HE

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Combination Boilers
Or ‘combi’ boiler as it’s more commonly known, is a central heating boiler and high efficiency water heater, all in one unit. Because your water is heated directly from the mains, this means you won’t need a hot water storage cylinder or cold water storage cistern in the roof space. As a result, your hot water is delivered to your shower or taps at mains pressure, it means the system is very convenient and can offer you extra benefits.FEATURES:

  • Convenient for many lifestyles
  • Can substantially reduce hot water costs
  • Gives a comparable performance of a power shower
  • Gives you extra space for a possible loft conversion
  • Saves you money on installation time and material costs

System T Boilers
Unlike an instantaneous combi boiler, a “System T” boiler works by incorporating an external zone valve to heat either an open vent or pressurised cylinder to provide a stored hot water solution. “System T” boilers are also ideal for homes where a larger volume of stored hot water may be required, for instance if you have two or more bathrooms. They are also a good option if you live in an area of the country with low mains water pressure.


  • Incorporates diverter valve supplied as standard
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No need for feed and expansion vessel in the loft
  • Ideal for larger hot water demand
  • Ideal for low mains water pressure areas
  • Compatible with Solar water heating