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Date:March 14, 2012

Ultra Pro

ULTRA PRO TANKS are expansion tanks with food grade replaceable bag membranes taht can be used in both heating and pump systems.


MAXIMUM DRAW DOWN due to particular designing characteristics, therefore it capacity is much superior to that of tanks on the market.


COMPRESSOR ELIMINATION as an air feeder is no longer necessary for an air cushion, since the air is separated from the water by a rubber membrane, keeping the expansion tank constantly pressurized.


ULTRA PRO TANKS can also be used with aggressive water or in the presence of stray currents (with s/s flange), as water only touches the membrane and NOT the expansion tank.

Its engineered design provides a quick and easy installation procedure and maintenance-free.


MAXIMUM LIFE SPAN OF THE MEMBRANE IS GUARANTEED as it is designed not to bend or rub against the expansion tank wall.  It is fixed above to a connection and below to a flange.  This makes the expansion tank life practically unlimited since the membrane is replaceable.