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Date:March 14, 2012

Solar Energy Series


Solar collector system temperatures, when idle, reach up to 392°F.  Consequently, the fluid can evaporate and may reach the solar station at dangerously high temperatures.   This can create irreparable damage to the pumps, fittings, gaskets and,  above all, the tank membrane, the heart of the system. 

The SOLARPLUS expansion tank is completely welded, making it particularly reliable at 150psi.  It is also designed for rapid installation in all types of solar energy systems.

ZILMET created the  membrane,  the product of our research and development and decades of experience in installing ZILMET expansion tanks in solar collector systems.  Our tanks are 


        Liquids reaching 212°F

        Various mixtures of ethylene or propylene glycol


                Considering it is a diaphragm membrane, the liquid is in contact with the walls of the tank, therefore cooling       down  and reducing any negative effects on the membrane.  
This design avoids the “thermos effect”, which happens in bag membrane tanks.
Zilmet developed the 
                 membrane for SOLARPLUS expansion tanks.    , a high-temperature membrane, resists up  to 212 F°

                 Thanks to the  synthetic rubber membrane is resistant to  212 °F  and various mixtures of ethylene or propylene glycol.   , a proprietary ingredient of  synthetic rubber membrane was specifically designed for SOLARPLUS expansion tanks.

The SOLARPLUS tank design gives you a long lasting tank with excellent safety features.



A high value vertical tank with a bottom flange, which makes it possible to replace the membrane when necessary.  It’s maximum working pressure reaches 150psi.


This is our standard line of solar collector expansion tanks that include lower temperature and pressure sizes.  The SOLARFLEX  expansion tanks have a diaphragm  membrane that is resistant to temperatures up to 158°F.

Ask for our complete set of accessories that go from quick release mechanisms to fittings that will make an expansion tank pressure check as fast and easy as can be.  Our accessories will make tank maintenance a question of only a few minutes.