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Date:March 14, 2012

Easy Pro

The EASY PRO line was designed especially to cover both water heater and electric pump system requirements.

These expansion tanks are equipped with a compact seamless chloro-butyl diaphragm membrane that assures long life and safety.  The diaphragm never stretches or creases and the tank has no corners that trap sediment.

Corrosion- and bacteria-resistant plastic dome ensures water purity.

Every ZILMET expansion tank is sold with a 5-year limited warranty. Copies of this warranty are available on request.



The ZILMET EASY PRO expansion tank leaves the factory already tested and pre-charged. Air and water do not mix, eliminating any possibility of water-logging, through air loss in the system, therefore also eliminating corrosion possibility.  In a hot water system the increase of water volume due to the increase of water temperature is absorbed by the expansion tank, providing additional space in the system.  When the water is cold, the pre-charge pressure of the tank pushes the diaphragm against the tank, pushing out the water.