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Date:March 14, 2012


CAL PRO expansion tanks absorb the water volume variations in a closed heating system, maintaining constant pressure and help to reduce energy consumption. The broad range available meets the requirements of  various heating system sizes.

CAL PRO tanks can be either crimped or welded carbon steel shells with synthetic SBR rubber.  Due to its design every tank has maximum draw down.

These expansion tanks are used for heating systems.  As water cannot be compressed and any increase in water volume that is due to the increase of its temperature is absorbed by the expansion vessel.  When the water gets cold, the tank pre-charge pressure presses the diaphragm against the tank, expelling the water back into the system. As the temperature increases, the expanded water volume pushes against the membrane and water enters the expansion tank, providing additinal space to the system.  This mechanism helps the system maintain pressure, reducing energy consumption of the heating system.