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Date:February 18, 2012



System or Battery Powered, Low Voltage Electronic Setback Heating and Cooling Thermostat with Lighted Display, Sealed Relay Contacts, Pre-programmed with Four Adjustable Heating and Four Adjustable Cooling Programs for Weekdays, and Four Adjustable Heating Programs and Four Adjustable Cooling Programs for weekends.


Compatible with:
• Most 24V Heating and A/C Systems
• 1 Stage Heat/1 Stage Cool: Gas, Oil, Electric,
or Single Stage Heat Pump Systems
• 2 Wire Heat Only Hydronic Systems (Hot Water Baseboard & Radiator)
• Millivolt Systems (Wall Heaters / Furnaces & Gas Fireplaces)

Not Compatible with:
• Multi-stage Heat Pumps
• 3 Wire Hydronic Systems
• Line Voltage Systems (120/240 VAC)