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Water Service Design

Reference Standards

Kitec pipe is manufactured and third party certified to the following national consensus product standards.

astm logo Water Service Design F1282     csa logo Water Service Design B137.9     csa logo Water Service Design B137.10     nsf logo Water Service Design

Dimensions in inches

Pipe Size
Coil Size
¾ 100 14
¾ 300 41
1 100 23
1 200 47
1 500 117

Kitec Flow Chart

Kitec’s larger inside diameter and consistently smooth interior means better long term flows.

Kitec Flow Chart – GPM

Kitec Flow Chart – L/s

Surge Pressure Calculation

Surges generated by velocity changes upstream in the main or downstream in a user’s plumbing system should be considered when designing municipal service lines.

The following table shows surge pressures resulting from an instantaneous change in velocity of 1 foot / second (0.3048 meters / second). Surge and change in velocity are directly related; therefore, the surge resulting from higher velocity changes is a multiple of the values given in this table. (i.e. the surge for a velocity change of 3 ft/s is three times the value at 1ft/s).

Pipe Diameter Surge Pressures
Pipe Size
Pipe Size
Psi Kpa
3/4 2025 26.5 184.3
1 2532 25.0 173.8