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Radiant Heat

rad ht2 Radiant Heat

Our heating expertise extends far beyond the boundaries of our WarmRite Floor home heating systems.

Our sales and design teams are continually working on industrial and commercial radiant systems as well. We apply our years of heating experience to create innovative solutions using Kitec pipe and our exclusive pre-manufactured control units. The result: your customers get energy efficient comfort, convenience and added safety.

Snow Melt Systems

Kitec radiant systems can be designed for numerous ice and snow melt applications. Reduce snow removal expenditures and provide better access to ramps, sidewalks, loading docks and driveways.

Kitec systems are used in residential applications and for industrial or commercial situations too. They provide increased safety and reduced liability for homeowners and business owners alike.

Ask our regional sales team for more details on providing a Kitec radiant snow melt solution that suits you.

Schools / Institutional Heating

More and more schools, seniors and assisted living complexes are switching to Kitec radiant heating systems.

Kitec systems provide a tremendous increase in comfort and improvement to the learning environment – a benefit to both teachers and students. Classrooms and gymnasiums each receive the ground up warmth of Kitec radiant heating while operating expenses are reduced.

Kitec radiant systems have been used to heat entire seniors and assisted living complexes more comfortably and efficiently. Our sales and design team can show you how.

Industrial Heating

Heat entire factories and warehouses with Kitec radiant systems. Realize significant energy savings while providing increased comfort and an improved working environment for employees.

Heated concrete pads around loading docks ensure the safety of truck drivers and shipping personnel. Our staff can show you how.

Kitec Radiant Heating System Reduces Factory Heating Bill

In Canada’s harsh winter environment, Kitec industrial heating systems have been put to the test against traditional heating equipment.

When IPEX Inc. built its dedicated Kitec factory and warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada , it was an ideal opportunity to compare the heating efficiency of radiant floor systems with that of a traditional factory heating system. Edmonton’s cold winter days are renowned throughout the Country.

The Kitec plant of metal and brick construction includes manufacturing and warehouse space with a 32 foot ceiling.