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New and improved plumbing systems like Kitec offer unique methods of supplying hot and cold water throughout the home.

Copper manifolds come equipped with Kitec fittings for lateral lines, and may have either copper inlet or Kitec inlet ends. Lateral connections may have valve controls for individual shut off in the event of service needs at a given fixture.

copper manifold 2 Manifolds


Made specifically for on-site fabrication of manifolds, our CPVC U-Do-It manifolds offer a unique approach to plumbing.

U-Do-It components include tees, supply fitting, elbows and end caps designed to allow you the flexibility on site to create the manifold you need. Simply solvent cement individual components according to our Kitec Installation Guide and create your own custom plumbing system.

Kitec pipe is easily connected to U-Do-It manifolds using male thread adapter fittings.

Kitec manifold Manifolds           kitec udoit ftgs Manifolds


Kitec manifolds can be assembled using our handy pre-cut and pre-beveled Kitec stubs and an assortment of Kitec fittings.

Kitec manifolds are easily assembled in the shop or on-site. In particular, these manifolds are well suited to the plumbing style used for slab on grade construction.

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