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Loop Style Slab Systems

Kitec’s unique performance and handling characteristics make it ideally suited for slab on grade construction. Kitec can be encased directly in concrete without further sleeving or protection.

Loops of Kitec pipe are installed on grade, bent up and terminated above the finished slab elevation at fixture locations. Kitec keeps it shape when bent, making this style of plumbing, and the pouring of concrete slabs a straight forward job.

Small slab manifolds of 3 or 4 outlets each are then attached to Kitec stub outs above the slab and subsequently ½” Kitec services individual fixtures.

Overhead Plumbing

We supply a complete range of fittings that allow you to plumb overhead in a tee configuration with Kitec the way you normally might with copper pipe.

Overhead systems typically use 1″ or ¾” Kitec main supply pipes throughout the home. Tee fittings are installed near fixtures and allow ½” Kitec pipes to service individual faucets, tubs, lavatories, hose bibs, etc.

This traditional style of plumbing although more fitting intensive is still made easier by the use of Kitec. Kitec’s long coil lengths and light weight mean easier handling and far fewer pipe joints than a copper stick system.

Manifold System

Manifold plumbing systems offer a number of performance improvements over traditional overhead Tee type systems.

Fewer fittings are required ensuring less flow restriction. Large 1″ or ¾” Kitec pipes supply water to the manifold. Kitec ½” pipes run from the manifold to fixtures without pipe joints. Fewer pipe joints means less liability and less potential for leakage compared to stick style systems. Water pressure and flow are more constant and balanced – ensuring quick efficient delivery of hot and cold water to all fixtures within the home.

Modified Manifold

Some contractors and home builders prefer to have a number of smaller manifolds located within the home rather than a large centrally located manifold.

This modified manifold approach to plumbing is common in both slab construction and hi rise plumbing. It allows for fewer fittings and balanced flow, while providing a number of local shut-off points to fixture groupings. As an example small hot and cold water manifolds with 3 or 4 ports each may be located within a master bath to service the hot and cold water requirements for that room only.