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Control Units

Control Units

Connect Kitec pipe to our exclusive WarmRite Floor control unit for the ultimate in temperature control. These pre-manufactured and tested units include all the components necessary to control your WarmRite heating system.


We manufacture a range of pre-tested and CSA Certified control units designed to operate your WarmRite Floor or Kitec radiant heating system. Supply and return piping and Kitec pipe loops are easily hooked up to control units. The control unit itself can be surface mounted or recessed into wall framing for handy out of the way access to the “brains” of your heating system.


Each control unit meets UL and ULC requirements for electrical components – your assurance of quality and safety. And we pretest every one before shipping to ensure quality and on-site performance.

Our control units feature supply and return manifolds, circulation pump, flow controls, and the ability to include individual area heat control with floor sensors or the addition of numerous thermostats throughout the building.  Our sales and design team can assist you in choosing the WarmRite Floor control unit that best suits your project needs.

All components are housed in a white steel cabinet with hinged locking door for a safe and professional appearance.

Standard Control Unit

standard control unit Control Units

Domestic Hot Water Control Unit

domestic hotwater control unit Control Units

Direct Control Unit

direct control unit Control Units

Snowmelt Control Unit

snowmelt control unit Control Units